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Classic Goldwing-case:

Goldwing-case classic is smaller than the XL one. It will allow you to increase the size of your rear top case in a very discreet way without drastically changing the look of the new Goldwing.


You can now store two full-face helmets in your top case and close it safely. Maximum waterproofness!

Price : 279.00 USD

Goldwing-case classic BLUE,RED,WHITE

We have the ability to paint your extension in the color of your choice so that the Goldwing-case kit matches perfectly to your bike. More space in all sobriety. 


We work directly with our technician to offer you painting of impeccable quality. 


The following colors are available: Red/R367B, Blue/PB409, White/NHB53


Price:  365.00 USD

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