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The top-case extension for your Honda Goldwing.


Easy to install, easy to use, don't hesitate anymore ! 



No storage problems anymore !

Goldwing-Case the extension that fits on the rear top case of the new Honda Goldwing 2018 to allow you to significantly increase the size of the top case !

Made of reinforced plastic, it enhances the closure of your top case by more than 1.2 inch (3 centimetres). Highly resistant and waterproof, this extension does not alter the aerodynamics of your vehicle and the comfort of the passenger.

Red, blue or black, Goldwing-case will adapt to the design of your motorcycle in all sobriety. It gives you the possibility to fit two full-face or modular helmets in your top case and increases its capacity by 1 gallon.

And if that's not enough for you, we have invented the Goldwing-case Xl which expands the top-case twice as much as the classic (2.5 inches, 2 gallons).

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